Coffee Table Styling

Coffee Table Styling

When it comes to styling a coffee table there are a few tried and true guidelines you can follow that will lead you down the path to a stylish and chic result. A few of these rules of thumb include, but are not limited to, adding the following:

1.  Something with height. Incorporate something tall, like a hurricane vase with a candle or candlesticks. This adds interest to your table, and can also be a great source of ambient lighting at night.

2.  Something interesting. Include a unique or sculptural object to your coffee and end tables. It serves as a great conversation starter when you’re entertaining guests and shows off your personality.

3.  Something fresh. Add a vase of fresh flowers or a pot of moss to your table. It will help bring the room to life, and it’s also a great way to incorporate color into the space.

4.  Something stacked. Stack three or four large books on subjects that interest you, and then top them off with a picture frame or something decorative.

Here are a few examples of exquisitely styled coffee tables using the elements above:

Coffee Table_3

Coffee Table_2

Coffee Table_1

Coffee Table_4

Coffee Table_5

Coffee Table_6

Design Ideas : Home Office

I’m in the process of re-decorating my home office, and I’m having the hardest time settling on a design concept. Do I want something dramatic and formal? Sleek and minimalist? Or will I be most inspired in a space that’s colorful and creative? Whenever I’m in need of a good strong push in the right direction, I head straight for Pinterest where I’m sure to find an abundance of design inspiration. Here are a few ideas that caught my eye! 


I love the color of the hardwood floors, and how the stark white walls allow the art work to take center stage. This space is clean, un-cluttered, and focused. I also love the pops of kelly green in the chair and desk top.


Again, I like the white walls and simplistic approach here. This space feels fresh and inspired.


I absolutely love this desk – especially for small spaces because of the way the glass sides keep the room feeling open. The rich wood feels dramatic and makes the space feel a tad more professional and formal.


You can’t get more girly than this. I love the built-ins with pops of color in them and the large inspiration board is a must for me!


Organized and free of clutter, yet personalized. I always love black and white with a few small hints of color thrown in.


No matter what style of office you’re in, fresh flowers are always a good idea!

Now Trending: Color-Blocking

Color-blocking has been a popular trend in fashion for a few seasons now; and the bold look translates well in interiors as well. Combining two or more contrasting colors together may sound like a tough task to pull off, but when done correctly the finished product is simply beautiful. Here are a few inspiration rooms I stumbled upon!

Blue-Green & Coral / Color-Blocking

Pink & Neutral / Color Blocking

Bathroom / Color-Blocking

Green & Yellow / Color-Blocking

Orange & White / Color-Blocking

Kelly Wearstler Design

While I’m not entirely sure I could live in a Kelly Wearstler designed home – I certainly have respect for her fierce style and could easily spend hours admiring her glamorous creations. In the latest issue of Architectural Digest, her most recent project (a family home in Bel-Air) was featured. The finished product is stunning, and shows off her fearless use of bold colors and textures.

Kelly Wearstler Entry

Kelly Wearstler Family Room

Kelly Wearstler Kitchen

Kelly Wearstler Dressing Room

Kelly Wearstler Bedroom

Zara Home

I’m always on the lookout for stylish-but-affordable home accessories to add to my ever evolving spaces, and was thrilled to discover that Zara Home is now available in the US (as of October 9th). The line offers everything from throw pillows, glassware, and scented candles to decorative furniture. I love that luxurious one-of-a-kind pieces don’t have to cost an arm and a leg..  thank you, Zara!


Zara Home Collection

Zara Home Collection

Zara Home Collection

Zara Home Collection

Zara Home Collection

Zara Home Collection







Now Trending: Animal Prints

Animal Prints are a great way to add interest in a space, and when incorporated into a more traditional/conservative setting, a little goes a long way. If you’re not crazy about the idea of using animal prints in your home but are still interested in participating in the trend – just start small. Try adding a throw pillow or a small area rug to a room. Even a few animal-themed accessories can liven things up and give a hint of the unexpected.

zebra throw pillow

Zebra Print Chair

Zebra Print Bench

Animal Prints

Animal Print Throw Pillows